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Sweden was a sustainability leader long before sustainability was the subject of so much media attention. As technology and innovation leaders they are champions of change. Sweden is leading the charge to decarbonize industry, transform transportation and drastically reduce carbon emissions in our cities, homes and workplaces at scale! VOLVO, IKEA, SKF, SAS and EPIROC to name a few are recognized for their leadership and dedication to sustainable outcomes not only in their respective fields but in the wider community as well. Join us as we share insights, best practices and success stories that inspire, elevate and accelerate the sustainable future.

Adam Ayres, SCCCC President and Chair

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Since 1965 The Swedish Canadian Chamber of Commerce has represented, inspired and promoted our members, extended commercial relations between our countries, and delivered first class services and events that bring influencers and decision makers together and make positive change happen. We are the business platform for entrepreneurs, businesses and government representatives within the Swedish Canadian business community. In an interdependent and interconnected world getting people, planet and profitability right is what matters.

Lisa Quondamatteo, Executive Director


Partnership is the new Leadership.

Sweden is a forerunner beyond size and is top-ranked in both innovation and sustainability. With a determination to be the first zero-emissions country in the world and Sweden is looking for others to join in its efforts. We believe in the power of co-creation to create the innovative solutions needed as well as secure jobs and competitiveness. International collaboration is more important than ever. To solve the global challenges we need to innovate across sectorial borders innovate over borders. There is an opportunity for a great partnership. 

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The Chamber of Commerce offers live networking events and extensive contacts, promoting businesses in Sweden and Canada. Through peer-to-peer interest groups, we facilitate connections and collaborations between businesses, creating unique opportunities for growth and expansion. Join us to access a dynamic network of professionals and unlock the full potential of your business.


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