About the Project

Sweden is #1 in the world according to the SDG Index as recognized in the Sustainable Development Report 2020. Canada is ranked as #21. There is opportunity for a great partnership.

Canada adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to help address some of the most pressing issues facing the world. One of the key objectives of Canada’s approach include Partnerships between public, private and government stakeholders to ensure that feedback is provided to continue to develop Canada’s national strategy.

We aim to Fast Track that partnership.

A model where public meets private, Sweden is characterised by high taxes and a strong public sector. But it is also a country with a historically strong, internationally competitive economy, where businesses are born and flourish. Together with the impact startup Grow the Good, we have started Fast Track to accelerate positive change.

Opportunities for Swedish CleanTech

We have already done a considerable amount of work to identify both general and specific opportunities for Swedish CleanTech companies in Canada. At this stage, we are looking for assistance from Swedish industry associations in identifying Swedish CleanTech companies that could benefit from these opportunities.

What we are looking for

We are looking for Swedish CleanTech companies that have ready, marketable solutions in any of the areas listed below and are ready, willing, and able to expand their business into Canada. 

We are looking for Swedish  that (1) have a ready, marketable product or service that is ready to go to market and (2) are ready, willing, and able to expand their business into Canada.

>> Clean coal tech
>> Clean steel production
>> Co-generation
>> Wind and solar power
>> Geothermal heating
>> District heating
>> LNG transportation

We have leveraged our network to identify a number of specific CleanTech solutions that are actively being sought by established Canadian companies.

These represent tangible, specific opportunities that are ripe for the taking by the right CleanTech vendor. We believe that if we can match up each of these opportunities to the right Swedish vendor, a business connection could result very shortly.

The specific CleanTech solutions sought by Canadian companies include:

>> Use of cleaner and more energy efficient fuels in industrial production
>> Capture of carbon emissions at the point of emission
>> Carbon capture during the production of hydrogen fuels
>> Carbon transportation via pipelines (“carbon trunk lines”)
>> Carbon injection into oil & gas subsurface reservoirs to displace oil and gas towards the surface
>> Electrification of pneumatic pumps and actuators used in upstream oil production

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