Sustainability and Corporate Governance Project
Let us tell your story.
About the Project

Swedish companies are known to be trailblazers in their industries in the area of sustainability and corporate governance. We like to highlight these companies’ accomplishments and tell their stories of both struggle and success in transitioning to more sustainable business practices.

Some of the participating member companies

Let us tell your story.

Tell the stories of our Swedish member Companies in Canada known for their sustainable practices and responsible corporate governance, to inspire others, and market themselves under a common banner, leveraging the Swedish Brand.

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"We are on a journey and we are learning consistently. Sustainability is a changing target, there is never and end only impprovment and that whats making it exciting. Its all about innovation and its about partnerships. Its about testing and trying and its about having really clear alignment with what’s work for you business." Melissa Barbosa, Head of Sustainability, IKEA Group.


We had the privilege to speak to Jason Pelz, VP Sustainability Americas at Tetra Pak. We had a conversation about Tetra Pak's role as a forerunner and change leader in making the world more sustainable. We heard the inspiring story about their sustainability journey and how they approach the entire value chain, taking on today's and future challenges.

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Executive Director

Toronto, Ontario

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Project Manager

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