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Women In Business

This program has been created to offer opportunities for participants to engage with accomplished women in the business world. This venture includes workshops, seminars, guest speakers, and visits to local businesses to connect with female professionals and/or entrepreneurs.

The Women in Business community provides a supportive space for women navigating the business terrain. Members can share successes and challenges, seek mentorship and advice, and network with fellow professionals. The group aims to support women in achieving their goals and thriving in their careers, regardless of their level of experience.

Looking Forward To:

April 16, 2024 – “Entrepreneurial Thinking: Thriving in Business and Corporate Environments”
Thinking like an entrepreneur can make you a valuable commodity in the workplace even if you work for someone else.


• May 21, 2024 – “Bridging the Gap Between Career Achievement and Personal Fulfillment”.
It is no secret work and life can be hard to balance for most women.

Women are often wearing many hats and in addition to their full-time job, they are still managing their homes, kids and even their spouses simultaneously. All this while being expected to maintain the same efficiency at work as their male counterparts.
responsibilities are lopsided, and leave us women at a disadvantage.

Other topics we are working on for this fall:
• Negotiating.
• In a recent study from Glassdoor, 68% of female job candidates took the original salary offer without negotiating; while only 52% of men did. This may be one of the reasons for pay gap between genders.
• Sharing their story.
• Female CEOs shared their stories of how they got to the C-suite.
• Network like a professional.
• It’s still who you know and this topic can help you network more effectively.
• Investment 101 for women

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