3 Tips on How to Keep Your Company Safe in Cyber Space!

In conversation with Ulrika Nilsson, CEO of Secure State Cyber

Keeping your company safe in the cyberspace is of paramount importance in today's interconnected digital world. It is crucial for protecting sensitive data, maintaining customer trust, complying with regulations, defending against cyber threats and more. How do you protect your company in this complicated digital world? SCCC Member, Secure State Cyber, gives us a few tips.

  • Verify your security posture by doing regular tests to identify technical vulnerabilities that could be used in an attack.
  • Continuously train your staff in cyber awareness (e-learning and phishing training) – the most common way to attack an organization is through the employees.
  • Conduct Business Continuity Planning to identify critical assets, backup plans and procedures to keep business up and running during an incident.
About Secure State Cyber: 
Secure State Cyber have offered professional services in cybersecurity since 2005. They have extensive experience of working with cybersecurity and data privacy and use international and national standards and best-practice frameworks as basis for our work. They offer penetration testing, cyber awareness training, legal advise about data privacy and GDPR, GAP-analysis.

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Management group: Ulrika Nilsson, CEO, Jan Karlsson Vice President, Sofia Larsson, HR Manager, Henrik Ottosson, IT Manager.

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