Canada’s Forests: Our Greatest Carbon Asset or Liability?

Discover how we can Fast Track our low-carbon future.

Canada has some serious challenges to address on our journey to the low-carbon future.

What role does forest management play in the ongoing debate on energy and emissions?

What does good look like and how do we get there faster?

As part of our Fast-Track Sustainability Series, the Swedish-Canadian Chamber of Commerce is happy to have three prominent subject matter experts share insights and recommendations on the direction we take.

Join us to understand if Canada's Forests are Our Greatest Carbon Asset or Liability?
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Urban Ahlin

Ambassador of Sweden to Canada

Urban Ahlin is the Ambassador of Sweden to Canada since February 2019. Prior to his appointment as Ambassador, Mr. Ahlin was a member of Parliament, representing the Social Democratic Party. Following the 2014 parliamentary election, Mr. Ahlin was elected Speaker of the Swedish Parliament, Sveriges Riksdag. Urban Ahlin first became a member of Parliament in 1994. Mr. Ahlin has since then worked in the field of foreign policy in various capacities including as Chair of the Committee on Foreign Affairs. Mr. Ahlin also held the position of Foreign Policy Spokesperson for the Social Democratic Party and was a member of the party’s Executive Board.
Dr. Jamie Stephen
Managing Director, TorchLight Bioresources
Dr. Jamie Stephen, a decarbonization strategy and policy advisor for national, provincial, and municipal governments, First Nations, utilities, airlines, large industrial emitters, property developers, and investment funds. Projects range from the development of energy facilities to strategies to meet national Net Zero targets. He has two decades of experience in the bioenergy sector, working at the interface of the energy, forestry, agriculture, and waste industries. Dr. Stephen holds a Ph.D. in Forest and Energy Economics and a Masters in Chemical and Biological Engineering from the University of British Columbia. After growing up in the prairies and spending over a decade in Ontario, he now resides with his wife and three daughters in Nova Scotia.
Dr. Peter Holmgren
Founder, Senior Advisor, FutureVistas Inc. F. Director-General, CIFOR
Dr. Peter Holmgren is a senior Swedish forestry professional with strong academic credentials. He has twenty years of senior-level experience with intergovernmental organizations and negotiation processes. During 14 years at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, he subsequently led the global forest resources assessment, headed the work on forest resources development and directed the organization’s work on climate change, bioenergy and land tenure – a coordinating role across forestry, agriculture, fisheries and food security. He also served 5 years as Director-General for the Center for International Forestry Research, an International Organisation headquartered in Indonesia. Since 2018 he provides advice to corporations and industry federations in the forest-based sector with a focus on business and investment strategies in relation to sustainable development and climate change.
Kjell Andersson
Policy advisor, information secretary, Svebio, Swedish Bioenergy Association
Policy director of Svebio, Swedish bioenergy association. Chair of Working group sustainability in Bioenergy Europe. MA from the University of Stockholm and BA from Stockholm College of journalism. Publisher of Bioenergy International and of Bioenergi (Swedish). Books and reports: Bioenergy - the Swedish Experience (Stockholm 2017) Co-author of Bioenergy from boreal forests: Swedish Approach to Sustainable Wood Use (IRENA 2019) Roadmap Bioenergy - meeting the demand for bioenergy in a fossil-free Sweden (2020)
Introduction by Lennart Kleine, Chair SCCC. Moderated by Adam Ayres, Director SCCC & Founder Grow the Good Inc

Lennart P. Kleine


   Adam Ayres   


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