News from Business Sweden – The Swedish Trade & Invest Council

News from Business Sweden – The Swedish Trade & Invest Council

Business Sweden was founded on 1 January, 2013, through the merger of the Swedish Trade Council and Invest Sweden. Business Sweden works in the interest of Sweden by facilitating the international growth of Sweden companies, thereby making Sweden more attractive to do business with.  Business Sweden also works to make it easier for foreign companies to invest in research and development within Swedish competence and technology clusters.

Business Sweden offers a wide set of services including: business development and consulting work, research and analysis, marketing and sales support, representation at trade shows, event-planning and other targeted campaigns.

The SCCC and the Embassy of Sweden are two important partners for Business Sweden and through their work, significantly contribute to Sweden’s status as a most valued business partner.

“I am really looking forward to working in this new organization and continuing to partner with the SCCC and the Embassy in 2013. I think it is going to be a very exciting year.”

Kristofer Fröjd,

Market Unit Manager Canada and Trade Commissioner.


Kristofer Fröjd with his team.

From left: Christina Keighren, Rebecka Högdahl,  Michelle Arnold, Agata Leszkiewicz