Notes from the July 18, 2012 Board Meeting

Notes from the July 18, 2012 Board Meeting

Board/Boat MeetingThe July 18 Board meeting was graciously hosted by Len (Kleine) on his boat, How Swede It Is. (See why you should attend more meetings?)

In attendance: Erik Thorsrud, Marie Larsson, Len Kleine, Adrian Herschell, Sarah Clarkson, John Holland, Gisela McKay, and Kristofer Frojd (of the Swedish Trade Commission).

Topics discussed: upcoming events, including the Crayfish Party and NCC Golf Tournament; new committees and how they would benefit the participants as well as the Chamber; brainstorming new member benefits for the upcoming year; and targeted categories of businesses for new members that would work well with organizations who are already members, and the services they need.

If you are interested in getting more networking time and opportunities to connect with other members, consider joining one of the new committees: Business Education (for the seminars and news items.board meeting July 18, 2012