Swedish Trade Council: Newsletter USA & Canada November/December 2011

Swedish Trade Council: Newsletter USA & Canada November/December 2011


Newsletter USA & Canada

November/December 2011

From the Swedish Trade Council in the USA and Canada, we wish you all Happy Holidays! This is the last newsletter from us this year and as you might have noticed the newsletter has changed language from Swedish to English. This is based on demand from companies that want to share news with their local employees in North America. We hope to keep in touch also during 2012 when our newsletter from USA & Canada will be published quarterly. Please click the “läs mer” link to read articles, we apologize for the delay in changing that design. 

New office inaugurated in New York City

The Swedish Trade Council’s new office in New York was inaugurated on November 2, by Prince Daniel of Sweden together with the CEO of the Swedish Trade Council, Ulf Berg. Although the Swedish Trade Council has been present in New York for several decades, the new office strengthens STC’s presence with an attractive location in midtown Manhattan, and with better opportunities to offer clients office space. 

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Metso Power finds new customers in Canada

Canada proved to be a profitable market for Metso Power after the Swedish Trade Council found a new customer for them in western Canada. Metso Power AB (Metso Power) is a global leader in the supply of equipment for the pulp and paper mill sector. 

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Lumas Metall discovers new business opportunities in the U.S.

Tungsten and Molybdenum wire manufacturer Luma Metall, based in Kalmar, Sweden, has pursued a new sales strategy in the U.S. in the past year with the aid of the Swedish Trade Council. Due to a changing industry, Luma has found that it needs to penetrate deeper into the market in order to increase current sales. 

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Sales support for Swedish food companies

The Swedish Trade Council can offer a 50% subsidized sales support for our small and medium food and drink exporters. 

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Come and explore the District Energy sector in Canada

Canada’s district energy sector has experienced a stronger growth the last few years as decision makers, often at municipal level, see the benefits of being energy self sustainable. Canada is also seeing a change in energy policy as a result of federal strategic decisions to switch to sustainable energy sources. 

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Geothermal opportunities growing in the U.S.

In the U.S., the future is bright for the geothermal heating industry. The sector is showing signs of growth and offers opportunities for Swedish companies who want to make this eco-friendly option more available in the U.S. Geothermal heat pumps are a green option for heating buildings where Swedish technology is at the cutting edge. 

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SAGA: Swedish city planning impresses in the U.S.

The word is spreading about SymbioCity, Sweden’s concept of sustainable city development. On November 17 and 18, the Swedish Trade Council’s Phil Thompson and David Kördel presented the concept in Washington D.C. for the Worldwatch Institute and for the County Executives of America. Feedback was positive and more presentations around the country are planned for Spring 2012. 

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