Introducing Kingo Couture

Introducing Kingo Couture

Kingo Couture is the Exclusive North American distributor of SNÖ of Sweden. Scandinavia’s leading jewelry brand since 2002.


Why SNÖ of Sweden by Kingo?

SNÖ of Sweden has been Scandinavia’s leading jewelry brand since 2002, and we have finally made this coveted Jewelry line available in North America. With a presence in over 2000 European boutiques and a well-established brand we are excited at the reception we have received by our NA fans.

With our seniority in the industry and ability to always stay on top of current trends we offer the consumer the latest in trends and high end fashion at an affordable price.

The Essence of SNÖ of Sweden design has from the very beginning been clean, Scandinavian style, made out of natural stones and pearl, which complements and enhances the look of the women wearing it. SNÖ of Sweden collections offer a wide range of style, without losing the essence of the brand.


Classic and contemporary:

Classic and contemporary products target many consumer. As well as making a fashion statement, SNÖ of Sweden jewelry is also about creating classic and timeless designs whether the buyer is looking for a traditional pearl necklace or a trendy stone pendant we have something to offer.


2011 Awards

For the 5th year in a row SNÖ of Sweden has been recognized with the beautiful Business award.


2011 Exporter of the Year.

Editors Pick at our U.S launch in January 2011

Best booth award Formex international

Sponsor of Miss Universe Canada

Featured in Most Coveted Holidays Gift. Gift giving guide

Our mantra is simple and Fashion edits magazine stated it brilliantly:

“The basic concept behind the collection is to design luxurious and timeless jewellery for every type of woman. The good ol’ “affordable luxury” motif, but SNÖ’s creations exude this idea effortlessly, drawing on inspiration from nature and adhering to the simple idea of keeping the jewellery pure and authentic.”

-Fashion edits magazine New York 2011

Lisette Kingo

President Kingo Couture