Made in Canada – SKF circulating oil system

Made in Canada – SKF circulating oil system

SKF Circulating Oil Lubrication Systems for Fans and Industrial Applications

SKF Lubrication Solutions announces the launch of a Made In Canada circulating oil system to meet the needs of customers requiring the use of oil lubrication for high speed or high temperature applications.

The SKF circulating oil lubrication unit is ideal for rolling bearings on industrial fans where high speeds and/or high temperatures can preclude the use of grease. These units deliver a continuous flow of cooled and filtered oil directly to the bearing. The metered pump flow is matched to the bearing and housing size, preventing oil leaks and excessive heat associated with oversized pumping systems. The use of circulating oil lubrication may also reduce bearing vibration associated with the use of grease lubricant at higher speeds.

The Canadian made circulating oil lubrication units are available in two standard tank sizes (other sizes are available); 75 litre (16.5 gallon), and 130 litre (28.6 gallon).

Circulating oil lubrication systems are used in applications where lubrication points must be cooled and cleaned by oil in addition to providing lubricity. Used extensively in general and heavy industries, typical applications may include; steel rolling mills, conveyors, paper machine dry end bearings, industrial fans and gear boxes.

The lubrication system must be able to deliver the right amount of highly conditioned, with appropriate temperature, oil to each lubrication point. The oil then flows back into the lubricant reservoir for reconditioning and reuse after passing through the lubrication points.

The respective system is selected on the basis of:

  • the operating conditions (variations in the operating temperature and thus also in the viscosity as well)
  • the accuracy requirements for lubricant quantities
  • the monitoring requirements

Thousands of lubrication points. One source of lubrication expertise.

SKF lubrication expertise involves the science of tribology, the study of friction, wear, fatigue and lubrication. Studies carried out by the SKF Engineering and Research Centre have shown that 36% of premature bearing failures are caused by lubrication problems – too much, too little, the wrong type, or contaminated lubricant.

Preventing such lubrication-related failures, as well as ensuring optimal bearing and machine performance, means delivering the right lubricant, in the right amount, with the right lubrication system, at the right lubrication point. Wherever your equipment or machine runs!

Today, SKF delivers a complete line of lubrication solutions to do exactly that. From manual grease guns, to single or multi-point automatic delivery systems, SKF provides the widest range of lubrication solutions. The extensive line of SKF lubricants includes a range of greases and oils, and reflects decades of research and development across many industries.

To learn more about SKF Lubrication Solutions, please visit www.skf.ca or for immediate information; please contact SKF Lubrication Solutions at 1-800-207-5823 or by e-mail: lubrication@skf.ca

In addition to the SKF Lubrication Solutions Mississauga facility, SKF Canada has sales, engineering and service operations in Montreal, Scarborough, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.