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Words from our Chairman

Len Kleine

Len Kleine

Dear Valued SCCC Member!

Last year we celebrated our fiftieth anniversary: our Golden Jubilee! Because of your support it was a very memorable occasion. (If you did not receive a copy of the Golden Jubilee Booklet, see below for how you can get yours.)

This year we are looking forward to a new series of events and opportunities: chances to network with each other and to promote Swedish business in Canada. Some of these opportunities will be internal to the Chamber and its members, while others entail acting as partners with external organizations.

We will continue to aid the Team Sweden efforts to promote the Swedish brand in Canada. One example we would like to take this opportunity to highlight is our exclusive partnership with Beerlicious: Toronto’s Festival of Beer, which is showcasing Sweden as its featured country. This event will take place July 22-24 2016 at Bandshell Park, Exhibition Place. Look for us at the Swedish Pavilion!

Other events under discussion (we welcome your feedback!) include: a morning seminar entitled “New Economy”: A look at the pros and cons of Sweden’s promise of cash free society by 2020; the Annual Nordic Consular Golf Tournament is planned for September 8th;  and the Lucia Luncheon is already booked for December 2nd. As Prime Minister Trudeau is beginning to set national carbon objectives, we are looking to bring Sweden’s 25 years of experience to Toronto at a day seminar covering Carbon Tax, New Innovation, and the importance of CSR.

Let us know if there are any other activities that you would like to see us undertake; your participation is always appreciated, and we are always happy to hear from you!

Lennart P. Kleine
SCCC Chairman

Event: Raoul Wallenberg – The Biography

Mar 14 R. Wallenberg Event Poster-page-0

Download our 50th Jubilee Booklet! (6MB PDF)

jubilee bookletIf you were not in attendace at our annual Lucia Luncheon, you likely missed receiving a copy of our Jubilee Booklet. The Booklet is a 36 page full-colour piece, celebrating 50 years of Chamber history along with highlights of Swedish culture and contributions.

Our Golden Jubilee booklet was produced through the hard work and gracious oversight of Ann Marie MacDougall (LeaderBoom) with support from Alexandra Barak (Sasha’s Mind Marketing Communications), and with loving attention from our internal team of Marie Larsson and Gisela McKay.

Graphic design and printing services were provided by the team at C.J. Graphics, a member of the Chamber. You can find out more about their services at:

Table of Contents:

  • Greetings From Public Officials and Dignitaries
  • The Chamber
  • SCCC Board of Directors 2015
  • Meet Our Members
  • History of the Chamber
  • List of Chamber Chairs 1965 – 2015
  • Embassy Interviews
  • 10 Swedish Innovations
  • The Nobel Prize
  • Economic Outlook: Sweden and Canada
  • Article: Alfa Laval
  • Interesting Facts About Sweden
  • Article: The Great Swedish Hockey Migration
  • SCCC Wide Range of Events and Activities
  • A View to the Future

We hope you enjoy our Jubilee Booklet as much as we enjoyed putting it together!

Download your copy of our 50th Jubilee Booklet (6MB PDF) here.

Lucia Luncheon and 50th Jubilee Celebration of Swedish-Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Photo Advisory

December 4, 2015

WHAT:  The Swedish-Canadian Chamber of Commerce (SCCC) is hosting a unique celebration of Swedish culture – a very special Lucia Luncheon combined with its 50th Jubilee Celebration

WHO: SCCC Chairman Lennart P. Kleine, Dignitaries, SCCC Board of Directors, and guests

VIP IN ATTENDANCE:  His Excellency Per Sjögren, Ambassador of Sweden to Canada; Lars Henriksson, Honorary Council, Consulate of Sweden; Councilor Michael Thompson, City of Toronto

WHEN:  Friday, December 4, 2015 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Photo Opportunity 1:30pm

WHERE: Fairmont Royal York Hotel, 100 Front Street W., Toronto, ON  in the Concert Hall, Second floor

MEDIA PHOTO OPPORTUNITY: The Swedish Lucia Choir of Toronto, comprising of children ages 3-17, will lead the traditional candle light procession signaling the arrival of St. Lucia who wears a white robe and a crown of flickering white candles encircling her head.

BACKGROUND: Lucia is a major Swedish tradition held in December to symbolize the bringing of light to the winter darkness. On St. Lucia’s day in Sweden you will see thousands of young children emerge from the darkness of a Swedish winter’s day with a procession of light. Dressed as Lucia’s maidens, in flowing white gowns, each child holds a candle and wears a wreath of glowing candles in their hair.


11a.m.        Glögg Reception

11:45 a.m. Welcoming and Opening remarks by the SCCC’s Chairman Lennart P.Kleine and His Excellency Per Sjögren, Ambassador of Sweden to Canada.

12 p.m.       Julbord (Christmas Buffet)

1:30 p.m.    Lucia Procession (PHOTO OPPORTUNITY)

3 p.m.         Close


Patricia MacLean
Phone: +1 416 414 7755

Canada Sweden Relations: Some thoughts from H.E. Kenneth Macartney, Canada’s Ambassador to Sweden and H.E. Per Sjögren, Sweden’s Ambassador to Canada.

Canada Sweden Relations

Past, Present, Future

We asked H.E. Kenneth Macartney, Canada’s Ambassador to Sweden and H.E. Per Sjögren, Sweden’s Ambassador to Canada, to share some thoughts on the relationships between Canada and Sweden.

Photo-Kenneth Macartney

How would you describe relations between Canada and Sweden?

KM They are excellent -and represent the sum of countless personal connections, commercial activities, political and official level interactions, research and academic collaboration, cultural exchanges, curiosity over how each country deals with similar societal, political or economic challenges… and of course a shared passion for hockey! I recently hosted the iconic Swedish radio show, “Sommar i P1” and was overwhelmed by the really warm response by Swedes who wanted to share with me their personal connections with Canada.

Pic of swedish ambassadorPS Sweden and Canada share the same values – respect for democracy, human rights and the rule of law. Our governments goal is to create societies focused on the safety and welfare of the individual and regardless of background all should be guaranteed basic security in all aspects of life. When I visit Canadian provinces and meet representatives of governments, local authorities, business representatives and Swedish communities, I sense that these common values between our countries are strong. Consequently there is an interest in Canada about the open and transparent Swedish society and our good results in terms of growth, employment, gender equality, competitiveness and living conditions. Likewise I would like to mention our interest in Canadian achievements in orderly economic migration and integration as well in the education system. The positive view on migration in Canada as a vehicle for economic and social development and respect for multicultural societies are of great interest to Sweden. In the industrial field we share the view on Corporate Social Responsibility and the respect for the environment

What role can you as ambassadors play?

KM Our job as Ambassadors is to seek opportunities to facilitate, expand and deepen the quality and quantity of such exchanges. Happily, our task is to build on a rock-solid foundation. We have a shared international outlook and many commonalities in terms of values, societal norms and structures, geography and climate, and natural resources wealth, as well as the fact that we are both export-oriented economies noted for advanced research and innovation.

PS As Ambassador for my country my main task is to strive for close and deep relations between our countries in all fields of activity. I feel privileged to be an Ambassador in Canada where I am met by a positive, generous and friendly attitude. In the light of this it my ambition is to bring our governments, business communities and people closer. This can be through facilitating and supporting cooperation in education and research, innovation as well as fostering contacts between Swedish companies and the Canadian market. Both our countries are highly industrialized, technologically advanced and strive to balance commerce with conscience. This common base is conducive to close co-operation in my assignment as the Swedish Ambassador to Canada.

KM Sweden and Canada have a long history of cooperation and consultation on international issues, in the UN and other multilateral fora, with a shared interest in promoting human rights and democracy, peace and security, and sustainable development, as well as close collaboration in the Arctic Council.


Every year, there are many visits and exchanges. Any comments_

PS We receive every year at the Embassy numerous visitors both at political and other levels who represents different interests of Swedish society. Four ministers from the Swedish Governments covering a wide range of issues visited Canada in 2014 in addition to delegations from our Parliament, local and regional authorities, the business community, students and research fellows active in Universities all over Canada to mention some of the most frequent visitors. Migration, integration, education and research cooperation are some areas of special interest for our Swedish delegations and visitors. Education and the student exchange program between Sweden and Canada are areas of increasing interest in both countries. During last year the number of Swedish students at Canadian universities amounted to about 600 persons who build bridges between the young generation in our countries. Representatives from Swedish businesses naturally have an important role while a key task for the Embassy in close cooperation with Business Sweden and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce is to promote the Swedish industry on the Canadian market.


KM I have been consistently impressed by the delegations that visit back and forth to exchange best practices in many different sectors. Swedish policy-makers frequently visit Canada to study how we manage immigration and integration, and Canadians are interested in how Sweden is managing a large influx of refugees. Sustainable cities is the focus of many Canadian municipal and private sector groups visiting Sweden, keen to learn more about how city planning integrates quality of life, energy efficiency, climate and clean technology goals. Swedish authorities have also reciprocated, visiting Vancouver and other Canadian centres. Research exchanges continue to blossom including in areas such as life sciences and bioenergy, and Canadians are very proud that Dr. Arthur McDonald is receiving the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics in Stockholm.

PS And Alice Monro receiving the Nobel Prize in literature in 2013


Trade is of particular interest and importance for Swedish – Canadian relations


KM Indeed, Sweden and Canada, both trade-oriented countries, enjoy close commercial, investment and innovation ties, which can be leveraged to complement our respective strengths. Bilateral merchandise trade stands at about $2 billion annually, but trade in services and increasing two-way investment is also a very important story. Many Swedish multinationals as well as SMEs have chosen to invest in Canada, employing thousands of Canadians – companies such as Ericsson, Securitas, Volvo AB, Atlas Copco, Sandvik, AstraZeneca, and Autoliv – not to mention retail giants IKEA and H&M. In Montreal, Ericsson is completing construction on an enormous data centre, the only one it has chosen to open outside of Sweden. Bombardier, WSP, CGI, Couche-Tard, OpenText, and Borealis are some of the Canadian companies with a presence in Sweden, also employing thousands of Swedes. Canada remains committed to working with Sweden to expand our commercial relationship for the mutual benefit of both our countries, including enabling the concentration of our efforts on areas of greatest business potential.


PS Trade is of particular interest and importance for Swedish – Canadian relations. Both Sweden and Canada are sitting on top of large markets. Sweden is an excellent gateway to Europe for Canadian companies. Likewise Canada is an ideal place to start in North America. These are factors that will play an even greater role after the ratification and implementation of the EU-Canadian free trade agreement.

There are around 110 Swedish companies represented in Canada employing approximately 35 000 Canadians. Swedish companies are likewise huge investors in the Canadian market which binds our countries close together. Together with colleagues in Business Sweden and SCCC the Embassy will continue to support and enlarge the presence of Swedish industry in Canada.

What do you think will be the impact of CETA?

KM The trade relationship between Canada and Sweden will only deepen as we move forward towards entry into force of the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), the most ambitious trade agreement that either Canada or the EU has ever concluded. CETA will provide significant new opportunities to expand Canada and Sweden’s trade and economic relationship. On day one, 98% of tariff lines will be duty free, and exporters will benefit from simplified border procedures to make trade easier, more predictable and transparent. CETA will also deliver substantial commitments that will improve the flow of trade and investment across a range of other areas, including: technical barriers to trade, regulatory cooperation, intellectual property, government procurement, investment, and services. For the first time in a Canadian trade agreement, CETA also includes chapters on sustainable development, labour and the environment.

PS The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between Canada and the EU now presents further opportunities for economic exchange and growth to the benefit of both countries. It is now my task in close collaboration with Ambassador Macartney to inform and promote CETA with aims to increase trade, investments and business opportunities in both Sweden and Canada. The SCCC has an important role to achieve these aims.

What role can organizations such as SCCC play to expand trade between the two countries?

PS   The Swedish Canadian Chamber of Commerce is a key organization in the concept of Team Sweden together with the Swedish Embassy and Business Sweden. Our common aim but with somewhat different roles is to bring together and promote the Swedish Business community in Canada for the promotion of Swedish industry and export. SCCC is a meeting point for the Swedish business community and is thereby creating contacts between companies but also in relation to the Canadian business community. SCCC has local chambers in both Sweden and Canada which contribute to this task of being a facilitator for contacts. SCC also has an important role in connecting Swedish companies with local chambers of commerce in both Sweden and Canada.

KM Given the significant opportunities that will be presented by CETA, it is important to spread knowledge of CETA’s benefits so that Canadian and Swedish companies can take advantage from the moment the agreement comes into force. Business associations, such as the Swedish Canadian Chamber of Commerce, can play an important role in this. Indeed, championing CETA would be a fitting 50th anniversary goal for this organization that has done so much to promote Canada-Sweden economic relations over the years. Happy 50th!

Weekly Market Insight: from CIBC October 2, 2015


Sponsorships are available for the Golden Jubilee and Lucia Luncheon


The past 50 years, the Swedish-Canadian Chamber of Commerce (SCCC), a non-profit business association founded in 1965, has been a model for cooperation and collaboration by forging strategic partnerships and promoting the development of Swedish-Canadian business opportunities. The mutual desire to create economic prosperity between Sweden and Canada has provided invaluable opportunities to build community, learn, share experiences, innovate and grow.

Today we have successfully been operating for 50 years and in order to pursue the next 50, we greatly rely on the continued support from the business community. This years Lucia Luncheon and 50th Jubilee Celebration is an excellent time to give your company extra exposure and at the same time show your support to the Chamber.

For this 50th Jubilee we have four sponsorship packages for your review and look forward to your kind response.

Table sponsor: $2750 + HST

  1. Includes 10 tickets.
  2. Acknowledgment on the SCCC’s website, plus link in newsletter.
  3. Logo on the SCCC’s home page for a year.
  4. Logo on the event invitation.
  5. Logo in the Lucia Luncheon and 50th Jubilee Celebration program.
  6. A representative of your company is given the opportunity to address the guests for 5 min.
  7. Company promotional material will be displayed at the event and other printed material.
  8. Pull up sign (provided by participant) at the corporate gallery.
  9. Recognition by the Master of Ceremonies from the event podium.

Corporate gallery sponsor: $1850 + HST

  1. Includes 2 tickets.
  2. Acknowledgment on the SCCC’s website, plus link in newsletter.
  3. Logo on the event invitation.
  4. Logo in the Lucia Luncheon and 50th Jubilee Celebration program.
  5. Company promotional material will be displayed at the event and other printed material.
  6. Pull up sign (provided by participant) at the corporate gallery.
  7. Recognition by the Master of Ceremonies from the event podium.

General sponsor: $750 + HST

  1. Includes1 ticket
  2. Acknowledgment in on the SCCC’s website, plus link in newsletter
  3. Logo on the event invitation
  4. Logo in the Lucia Luncheon and 50th Jubilee Celebration program
  5. Recognition by the Master of Ceremonies from the event podium

In-kind Sponsor

  1. Includes 1 ticket.
  2. Acknowledgment in on the SCCC’s website, plus link in newsletter.
  3. Logo on the event invitation.
  4. Logo in the Lucia Luncheon and 50th Jubilee Celebration program.
  5. Recognition by the Master of Ceremonies from the event podium.

For planning and recourse reasons we respectfully ask to have all sponsorship in hand by November 6th 2015.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via email at or call 416-925-8661 if you would like to have more information.


Sökes: Assistent till svenska honorärkonsulatet i Toronto

Consulate of Sweden_Toronto

Assistent till svenska honorärkonsulatet i Toronto

Arbetets omfattning: 10 timmar/vecka

Tillträde: 1 januari 2016 eller enligt överenskommelse



  • Ansvara för konsulatets öppethållande
  • Hantera ansökningar om svenska arbets- och upphållstillstånd, svenskt medborgarskap, provisoriska pass, konsulära ärenden, enklare bokföring, m.m.
  • Besvara frågor från allmänheten rörande Sverige och svenska förhållanden
  • Sprida Sverige-information och goodwill tillsammans med konsuln
  • Assistera konsuln



  • Välorganiserad, noggrann och flexibel
  • God kännedom om Sverige och det svenska samhället
  • Behärska engelska, både i tal och skrift samt gärna något nordiskt språk i tal och skrift



Sänd din ansökan, senast 15 november till eller konsul Lars Henriksson,

Consulate of Sweden, 2 Bloor Street West, Suite 2109, Toronto, ON, M4W 3E2



Mer information om befattningen kan lämnas av konsul Lars Henriksson, tel. 1 416 489 8438 (direkt), och nuvarande befattningshavare Hélene Olsen, svenska konsulatet,

tel: 1 416 963 8768.


Sponsorship opportunities for The 6th Annual Nordic Consular Cup Golf Tournament

2015 golf header.png dark blue

 Country Sponsorship
Show off your Swedish stripes by taking on the exclusive Swedish Country Sponsorship.

Country Sponsorship (three available, one for each organizing country)       $1,500

  • Signage with your logo at the registration table of the sponsored country
  • Exclusive sponsorship on a hole of your choice
  • Sponsorship recognized at dinner and prize presentations
  • Speaking opportunity at the award ceremony
  • Full page in program

BBQ Lunch Sponsor:  $1,000

  • Company signage and Company logo on all tables
  • Exclusive sponsorship of one hole
  • Half page in program

Cart Sponsor:  $1,000

  • Company logo on signage in all the golf carts
  • Exclusive sponsorship of one hole
  • Half page in the program

Dinner and Award Ceremony Sponsor: $1,000

  • Company logo on all tables
  • Exclusive sponsorship of one hole
  • Half page in program

Hole sponsorship:

Signage on Hole and opportunity to have your own special promotion and handouts


  • Putting green Contest (Pot of Gold)                  $ 500
  • Closest to the line                                                 $ 350
  • Closest to the pin                                                  $ 350
  • Closest to the pin second shoot                          $ 350
  • The longest drive                                                   $ 350
  • Hole in One                                                            $ 350
  • Hole Sponsor                                                         $ 250


NCCGT Sponsorships, September 10 2015

The 6th Annual Nordic Consular Cup Golf Tournament is now open for registrations

2015 golf invite_Swe_compressed

NCCGT Registration  2015

2015 golf sponsorship_Swe_compressed

Player Registrations NCCGT Sep 10 2015

NCCGT Sponsorships, September 10 2015

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