Platinum membership

Being a member has its benefits:

Connect with top business intelligence

  • Network with the best
  • Increase your influence
  • Raise your companies recognition
  • Exclusive access and communication with executives and business people
  • Membership Exclusive Discounts
  • Invitations to all EU Chamber Members Events and EUCOCIT sponsored events.
  • Annual SCCC and Nordic Chamber events, by reservation
  • SCCC Chamber Events program for networking, seminars social interaction, cultural highlights
  • Member Directory listing
  • Special New member promotion on our website

Reserve your Platinum Membership now and save!

Annual Membership Fees: $2,200

(Value of benefits exceeds $4000)

All memberships are pro rated for one year; feel free to talk to us regarding discounts on two and three year commitments.

Benefits details

Platinum Membership is suitable for established companies that hold a high profile in the Swedish-Canadian business community.

Platinum Members receive all the basic benefits listed on the main membership page plus the following highlights:

  • Receive invitations to VIP receptions and events (2 complimentary tickets per year)
  • Access to Group Health & Dental plan, particularly beneficial to medium and small sized enterprises (as the costs per member are low due to a pooling of claims and costs in a multiple Chamber plan.)
  • Place your company banner ad & link on the SCCC website front page
  • Post your news or press releases in our monthly newsletter 6times /year
  • Post your news or press releases on our website, (on request)
  • Promotion on the website with Company name, Contact details, Business summary, and Logo
  • Use our Events & Communication platform to organize tailored events for your company. (Subject to Chamber events schedule)
  • Eligible to serve on the Board of Directors and Board Committees