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FIKA (noun) \ fee-ka \ Swedish for efficiency. Fika is an excuse to slow down, a ritual, a tradition, and a lifestyle. A moment for sharing thoughts and connecting ideas with others – how innovation comes to life!

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The first 5 to sign-up will get a Fika Box. Otherwise get your own ready and slow down with us for a moment.

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All attendees get a chance to win a 7-day luxury driving experience in the elegant Scandinavian designed Volvo XC90.

Virtual Fika Talks #1 Pandemic Leadership Check-in

Lars Ruth, Chairman of the Swedish-Canadian Chamber of Commerce, kicks off this Fika Talk between Wayne Clancy, CEO, MindSuite Metrics, and Matt Girgis, Managing Director, Volvo Car Canada.

Together with Wayne and Matt, we gather over a Fika to discuss and share valuable insights about employees and teams in a new working environment – How do we maintain engagement, efficiency for the employees and continue involvement?

As a part of his follow-up to the NY Times #1 Best Seller Tribal Leadership, Wayne, together with Adam Ayres, Founder of Grow the Good, has teamed up with other subject matter experts and will, along with valuable data, learnings, and insights share the power of ‘Possibilities Thinking’ and how that can be applied in measurable ways to organizations and communities. The modelling integrates multiple human themes, including culture, diversity, wellness, and their impact on innovation, decision making, engagement, and many others. Participants will also get the chance to engage in a quick survey to extract data from their own situation.

Our Guests

We have gathered the top professionals of the innovation community, to lecture on the hottest topics and most relevant new technologies.

Wayne Clancy

Wayne is the Founder and CEO of MindSuiteMetrics and inventor of theMindSuiteTM Human Science GPS Platform. The GPS (Global Possibilities System) provides organizations and communities with the same level of ongoing visibility and understanding about people, through data, that they have with their operational and financial systems. This is applied to all types (and complexities) of relationships within and between organizations and communities and includes extensive experience in healthcare, corporations, sustainability, education, and communities. These revolutionary tools support co-creation, enable conversations, deliver a rich and private experience, automate data collection, and manage ‘big data’ so that it becomes ‘smart data’.

As a part of his Tribal Possibilities’ work in the followup to the NY Times #1 Best Seller Tribal Leadership, Wayne Clancy will share the power of ‘Possibilities Thinking’ and how that can be applied in measurable ways to organizations and communities. The modeling integrates multiple human themes including culture, diversity, wellness, and their impact on innovation, decision making,
engagement and many others. He will share results from a number
of ‘Possibilities CheckUp’s’ and some learnings on where we are
today and how that differs from before the pandemic era.

Mark Girgis

Matt Girgis is Managing Director of Volvo Car Canada Limited, a position which he was appointed to in June 2019. In his role, Girgis is responsible for all aspects of the Volvo Cars organization in Canada including sales, marketing and service. An astute business leader, Girgis takes the reins in Canada at a time of growth with plans to lean in to the talents of his team and ready the business for the future. In a dynamic and complex industry, his focus remains on profitable growth developed through customer-centric strategies.

Adam Ayres

Grow the Good is a team of business leaders, educators and
professionals on a mission to accelerate positive outcomes
for people and the planet. Their evidence-based solutions
help define what good looks like and how to get there.

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April 1 / 2021

Fika Talks #2

Employee experience drives profitability

Employee Engagement & Well-Being in a High Performance
Organization. “There is a huge prize for improving how
businesses lead, engage and develop their people” 
Winningtemp Sweden shares insights in AI & HR and how they build prosperous organizations with better business results.

How to stay close when working remote, Is the promise of
happy, high performance real? What does Good Look Like
& How Do We Get There in a future of fast change?

May 6 / 2021

Fika Talks #3

HR & Employer Branding

Meet and next generation employment challenges.

OddWork shares insights about the future of employment, how to develop your employer brand in order to keep, find and attract the right people for the right positions. By matching personality with company culture and strengthening employer brands, OddWorks aim to revolutionize the recruiting industry.

Learn from the top experts, eachother and connect with our Business Community

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