Individual Membership

Being a member has its benefits:

Connect with top business intelligence

  • Network with the best
  • Increase your influence
  • Raise your companies recognition
  • Exclusive access and communication with executives and business people
  • Membership Exclusive Discounts
  • Invitations to all EU Chamber Members Events and EUCOCIT sponsored events.
  • Annual SCCC and Nordic Chamber events, by reservation.
  • SCCC Chamber Events program for networking, seminars social interaction, cultural highlights
  • Member Directory listing
  • Special New member promotion on our website

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Annual Membership Fees: $125

(Value of benefits exceeds $500)

All memberships are pro rated for one year; feel free to talk to us regarding discounts on two and three year commitments.

Benefits details

Individual Membership is suitable for solopreneurs, retired professionals, and graduate students, who want to be part of the Swedish Canadian business Community.

Individual Members receive all the basic benefits listed on the main membership page.