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FIKA (noun) \ fee-ka \ Swedish for efficiency. Fika is an excuse to slow down, a ritual, a tradition, and a lifestyle. A moment for sharing thoughts and connecting ideas with others – how innovation comes to life!

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Virtual Fika Talks #3

HR & Employer Branding

Lars Ruuth, Chairman of the Swedish-Canadian Chamber of Commerce, kicks off Fika Talk # 3. Poyan Karimi, Founding Partner and CEO, OddWork, share insights and knowledge on meeting and addressing next-generation employment challenges. Andrew Parravano, Director of Customer Service, Volvo Car Canada, will be joining the conversation from Volvo’s point of view.

Stepping into the employer branding year of 2021, most organizations do so, having known a year with disruptive changes to the employee, candidate, and workplace experience – all happening at once. How will this affect companies’ employer branding efforts moving forward?

Poyan Karimi is the CEO and co-founder of the employer branding company Oddwork. Oddwork helps global organizations such as AstraZeneca, Saab and Kindred, among many others, develop their employer brands from a strategy level, all the way down to actionable tactics. With real-time insights and data from the changeable and competitive talent market, Poyan will share hands-on advice on where we are going and how your organization can stay relevant in that very change.

Our Guests

We have gathered the top professionals of the innovation community, to lecture on the hottest topics and most relevant new technologies.

Poyan Karimi

CEO and founding partner. In a world full of expectations, the most daring thing you can do is to dream. We believe in challenging these expectations, empowering talents and organizations to be the best they can be. By matching personality with company culture and strengthening employer brands, we are here to revolutionize our industry. It might seem simple, yet it is the most powerful equation of them all: if everyone did what they truly loved, the world would become a better place. That is why we started our orange revolution.

Andrew Parravano

Andrew has been part of the Volvo family for over 20 years. Beginning his career with Volvo at the Retail level, Andrew has moved through various positions building his experience on the Parts & Service side of the business and then making the transition over to Sales. After his time in Retail, Andrew moved on to the Volvo Corporate Head Office where he expanded his breadth of knowledge within Aftersales and business development leading to his current position as Director of Customer Service.

Andrew’s passion for the Volvo brand and his keen focus on driving customer retention through smooth, convenient and transparent service experiences are what drives the success of Volvo Car Canada’s Customer Service business today.  He is a champion of finding transformative and innovative ways to service our customers in a both personal and digital way that are key differentiators in the Volvo Service experience. Andrew’s close and integral partnerships with our Retail Network, supplier partners and colleagues across both the Retail and Corporate landscape have helped him build the foundation for an exceptional team and deliver profitable results.

Adam Ayres

Inspired by the Good Country Index and the UN Sustainable Development Goals 
Adam returned to Canada after 30 years in Sweden and USA determined to prove what science knows about caring for people and the planet.
Grow the Good are a team of business leaders, educators and professionals on a mission to accelerate positive outcomes for people and the planet. Our evidence-based solutions help define what good looks like and how to get there.  Our models are designed to build and promote a culture of innovation and well-being that optimizes organizations and transforms communities. We believe in giving back and paying forward and helping the next generation build a better future.
Because hope is not a strategy! 

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Fika Talks #2

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March 11 / 2021

Fika Talks #1

Pandemic Leadership Check-In

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