Canada-Ontario Export Forum offers a passport to global markets.

Export Preparedness: Ensure companies have the necessary tools, skills and resources required when entering foreign markets.

Diversifying Export Markets: Encourage active exporters to enter new markets through trade missions, exhibitions and identification of opportunities in both their existing and new markets.

Strengthened Performance: Assist exporters to increase productivity, sales, profits and job creation at home.

Investment attraction: Attract foreign direct investment through promotion of Ontario abroad.

In essence , COEF offers Ontario manufacturers and ser vice providers easier access to the wide range of services offered by the partners. These services cover the exporter continuum from potential exporter to experienced exporters, and include:

  • Awareness and interest building
  • Geneeral Export Information
  • Skills Development
  • Expot Counselling
  • market Entry Support
  • Export Financing and In-Market Assistance.

Forum for International Trade Training: www.fitt.ca

New Exporters to Border States (NEBS) program: www.nebs.ontarioexports.com

Programs from Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada: www.gov.on.ca/OMAF/english/food/export/index.html

Export Financing Assistance is offered through Export Development Canada: www.edc.ca

Business Development Bank of Canada : www.bdc.ca

Canadian Commercial Corporation: www.ccc.ca

For more general information on COEF, call 416-952-1510, log on to www.ic.gc.ca/coef
or email coef@ic.gc.ca

Ontario Exports Inc.
Email: trade.officer@edt.gov.on.ca