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ITN Logistics Group is a provider of export and import transportation and logistics services with worldwide connections and a unique focus on the Nordic countries. With 150+ friendly, experienced personnel located across Canada, ITN offers a complete range of end-to-end transportation solutions, designed for our customers unique needs - airfreight, LCL, FCL, critical shipment coordination, export packing, insurance and customs clearance in Canada and virtually anywhere.

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Get your message right with
Alba Scandinavia Translations

Alba Scandinavia Translations is owned and operated by Tom Ellett, a Certified Translator from Norwegian and Swedish to English and member of the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario (ATIO). He has been providing translation, editing and copywriting services to corporate, small-business and personal clients since 1996.

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Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada
named among the worlds 12 fastest and
most innovative cities.

The host of the 2010 Winter Games is going for green, using its big moment as a chance to catalyze change. All 18 buildings in Vancouver's Olympic Village are being built to LEED Gold standards, except the community center and one residential building, which are targeting LEED Platinum. Heat recovered from wastewater treatment will warm the Olympic Village's buildings. Elsewhere in the Olympic complex, the granite for paving and weirs is being harvested from demolished buildings. And new solar-powered trash compactors throughout the city will help cut the volume of trash bound for landfills by up to 80%.



Canada is one of the nine countries that has been found to be of particular interest for Swedish bio energy technology export.

Life science

According to a study made by Ernst & Young, the Canadian biotechnology industries have grown with 183 % between 1997-2001. Canada also shows great success in the biomedical businesses where Canada is being referred to as one of the world's leading countries. During 2006, Canada imported medical devices for handicapped people with a total value of CAD 750 million, an increase of 8 % from 2005.

Natural resources

Canada is one of the world's largest mining nations extracting about 60 different minerals. Canada also has the second largest oil reserves after Saudi Arabia. With this, Canada offers great business opportunities regarding all sorts of advanced equipment connected to mining, tunnels, safety and environment technologies.

With the stronger currency the pulp- and paper industry in Canada opens up for new possibilities with Swedish businesses. There is an interest in "shortwood method".

High tech

Canada welcomes Swedish wireless communication solutions. Canada has a population of 32 million people but only 54% of those have cell phones. The country struggles with wireless techniques and mobile offers. The consumers demand puts the market into a increased need for expansion. Swedish businesses have a good reputation in Canada, especially within the area of wireless technology.


Each year the Canadian vehicle industry produces about 2,7 million vehicles. The main industry is concentrated in Ontario where truck producers from foreign countries are highly represented. For Swedish industries there is an interesting market and opportunity for further exports in this area.

Canada's geographical distance to other countries has also led to a grea t development in the air- and space industry with trademarks such as Bombardier and CAE. As the world second largest manufacturer of navigation satellites and productions of regional airplanes, flying simulators, engines, landing gears and helicopters, Canada offers great business possibilities.

Source: Swedish Embassy


Ontario small businesses have a new partner in their drive to expand to foreign export markets. Export Market Access (EMA), A Global Expansion Program launched by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC) and funded by the Ontario Government, will help Ontario small and medium sized businesses enter markets that otherwise would have been beyond their reach.

"Export diversification is proven to be an effective strategy in today's global marketplace and leads to higher performing companies, more jobs for our workforce, and stronger economic growth for Ontario," explains Len Crispino, President & CEO of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce. "By providing a hand up to our home grown firms, and reducing the risk just enough for them to bridge the gap, we'll help them go where they haven't gone before."

Export Market Access is a cost sharing program funded by the Ontario Government that will assist Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Ontario in their efforts to expand into new export markets. In recognition of the abundance of opportunities in markets around the globe, preference will be given to those outside of the United States. "In today's challenging economic climate, it is more important than ever that we strengthen the competitiveness of Ontario's small and medium-sized enterprises," said Harinder Takhar, Minister of Small Business and Consumer Services. "The Export Market program will help Ontario companies enter and expand into new markets, generating prosperity here and strengthening our presence on the world stage."

In the 2008 budget, the Ontario government announced $5 million in funding to the Ontario Chamber of Commerce for a Global Expansion Program to help SMEs increase access to global markets.

Assistance is available in four areas:

  • Direct Contacts (international trade shows, fairs, exhibitions, and incoming and outgoing trade missions);
  • Marketing Tools (development of electronic media, promotional materials, and generic branding material)
  • Market Research; and
  • Foreign Bidding Projects SMEs that have been in business for a minimum of 2 years are eligible to apply. An application guide is available at
  • The OCC represents over 60,000 businesses through 160 local Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade, and has been the business advocate of choice since 1911. Its advocacy and policy initiatives focus on six areas key to the economic well-being of the province: health; education; energy; finance & taxation; transportation & infrastructure; and border issues.

For further information:

Amy Terrill Director Media Relations and Communications Ontario Chamber of Commerce (416) 482-5222, ext. 241 C: (416) 605-8205



The Toronto region expands from Waterloo/Kitchener in the West to Aurora in the North, Hamilton in the South and to Oshawa in the West.

Some interesting key data for this region:

  • 7.2 milllion persons living in the Toronto region
  • $323b GDP
  • 35% of R &D in Canada
  • $6b private and public sector R&D
  • Over 5,000 major ICT, Bio Life Science and Advanced Manufacturing companies

TRRA gives six reasons to invest in the Toronto Region:

  • Global Status:
    Toronto is on 4th place with leading clusters - the top clusters: Financial Services, advanced Manufacturing, Bio-Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, ICT
  • Best Educated Workforce in the World
    200 Ethnic groups, 180 language, 60% immigrants with at least one University degree. 57% of workers with post-secondary education
    (25-64 years of age)
  • Outstanding R&D
    9 Universities, 11 Academic Hospitals, 8 Technological Institutes and Collages, 300 Research Institutes, 240,000 students
  • Competitive cost
    Lowest operating cost for R&D development
  • Advanced Economy
    Leading the convergence of R&D clusters. Investment and network support (fundings, institutions, government sectors)
  • Attractive Lifestyle
    Safe environment, vibrant arts& culture, exceptional sports and recreation, great variety of urban, suburban and rural communities.

TRRA offers you and your client: Greater Toronto Marketing Allicance

  • Value Propositions
  • Broad range of statistics
  • Incentive Directory
  • Energy & Environment Directories
  • Intelligence of critical location factors
  • Quick access to region leadership (governments, business and institutions)
  • Reliable navigation and introductions to the most relevant region R&D resources.

visit: TRRA's website for more information

The Greater Toronto Marketing Alliance (GTMA) is a public-private partnerhip that serves as the key point of contact for buinesses exploring opportunites in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) . The partnership brings together the 29 municipalities and regions in the GTA, the governments of Ontario and Canada, several not-for-profit organizations, and a broad cross section of private sector corporations. The population of GTA is 5.5 million.

Doing Business in the GTA
The GTA is Canada's undisputed business and manufacturing capital and the sixth largest region in North America. it has the lowest business costs and most generous R&D tax treatment among the G8 countries. (KPMG Global Cost Competitive Study, 2006).

GTA Facts: See map of GTA's bounderies

  • The industrial and financial capital of Canada
  • The sth largest jurisdiction in North America
  • Generates a fifth of Canada's GDP
  • Population of 5.5 million

City of Toronto
Toronto is home to 2,5 million people.
You may already know that Toronto is home to the world's tallest building (CN Tower at 553.33 m) and that the world's longest street starts at the City's lakeshore (Yonge Street at 1,896 km), but did you know that Toronto is as far south as the French Riviera or that more people live in Toronto than in Canada's four Atlantic provinces combined?

Toronto Key Sectors:

  • Financial Services
  • Medical and Biotech Research
  • IT & T and Digital Media
  • Film & Television Production
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Food and Beverage

Toronto Economic Development :

  • Connects you to information
  • Connects you to sites
  • connects you to key contacts and services
Invest in Toronto

Toronto Experts help Milan with 2015 Expo Bid

The City of Milan has announced plans to invite four Toronto experts to assist the city with its 2015 World Expo bid. The four were asked to make recommendations to improve Milan's proposal to the Paris-based Bureau of International Expositions (BIE), before the November deadline.

The four experts, Lance Alexander, Senior Corporate Management & Policy Consultant, City of Toronto Strategic & Corporate Policy, Susan Black, Principal and Director of Perkins Eastman Black Architects, Carlo Bonanni, Manager of Planning Services of the Toronto Economic Development Corporation (TEDCO), and Steven Staples, Planning & Urban Design Consultant, were all involved in Toronto's attempt to secure the World Fair.


ITN Logistics Group is a provider of export and import transportation

and logistics services with worldwide connections and a unique focus

on the Nordic countries. With 150+ friendly, experienced personnel

located across Canada, ITN offers a complete range of end-to-end transportation solutions, designed for our customers unique needs - airfreight,

LCL, FCL, critical shipment coordination, export packing, insurance and

customs clearance in Canada and virtually anywhere.

As a business law firm, we cater to medium and large size companies, as well as clients in the public and parapublic sectors. Our services fall under four main areas of practice:

business law, civil and commercial litigation, labour and administrative law as well as maritime and admiralty law. We also provide mediation and arbitration services.


Business, municipal and academic leaders from cities whose economies and cultures are based on the international movement of people, goods, and ideas will gather for a groundbreaking Forum in Toronto this Fall.

Toronto Mayor David Miller and renowned experts on international business and trade will help launch an important new economic initiative for our city, the Toronto Forum for Global Cities.

International, national and local business organizations, financial institutions, government organizations and other major stakeholders have joined forces to create the new Forum, to be held in Toronto every fall. Speakers from around the world are expected to gather at this unique event to discuss the key issues of "global cities".

"The goals are ambitious" said Mayor Miller, "With the unique partnership of the City's Chambers of Commerce, business associations and World Trade Centre/Board of Trade, success is within our grasp.

This is a ground-breaking initiative as it connects our local businesses to each other and through their networks to the world."

The Forum is an important and timely initiative for Toronto as it continues to raise its profile and attract new business, investment and the people who power cities. It will lead to high-level results-oriented discussions on leadership and policy issues that concern global cities like ours and their business leaders, politicians and academics. "Global cities are not necessarily the largest but they are the ones most connected to each other and whose economy and culture are based in large part on the movement of people, goods and ideas internationally. "The World Trade Centre and all the Partners are excited at the opportunity of linking their respective organizations' network into the Forum." said Mary de Reus, Executive Director of the WTC And V.P. of the Board of Trade, and a member of the event's Steering Committee.

Topics such as: international banking and finance, the needs of business, municipal infrastructure and sustainability, as well as public-private partnerships and the development of agglomerated clusters of companies are all being researched for the Fall program.

Toronto Financial Services Alliance (TFSA)

The Toronto region is the third largest financial centre in North America, after New York and Chicago. The City is highly competitive in the availability of good managerial and professional talent, proximity to customers, and strong IT&T support. Toronto's strength in headquarter and strategic planning functions, risk management and systems design/technology are readily apparent. The region benefits from a concentration of high-end legal consulting and other business services.

The TFSA works closely with industry, affiliate services and government to enhance and promote the competitiveness of Toronto as a premier North American financial centre.

The TFSA is a unique public / private initiative of individuals representing the financial services industry and its trade associations, all levels of government and academic institutions. Its mandate is to enhance and promote the competitiveness of Toronto as a premier North American financial services centre.

Toronto census metropolitan area (CMA) is the 3rd largest financial services centre in North America after New York and Chicago, based on direct employment in 2003.

Toronto is headquarters to the 5 largest domestic banks, and the majority of insurance, securities, foreign banks, pension and mutual fund companies.

Toronto is a leading knowledge centre and boasts a highly skilled labor force. There are 3 world-class universities and 5 colleges located in the Toronto region. Almost 70% of financial services' employees have post-secondary designations. Toronto represents the 2nd largest society of financial analysts, after New York, with over 4800 members.

Canadian Trade Show Industry Information in print and on-line. Over 3,000 Canadian based Tradeshows and Exhibitions. Over 1,000 Candian show producers. Trade and Consumer Events.

The Canada Export Centre. Working alongside partners in industry and government, the Canada Export Centre welcomes thousands of conference and trade show attendees, as well as trade mission delegates, international tourists, business travelers and local businesspeople.


Useful websites:

Government of Canada primary internet site. Where you can obtain information about Canada and the Government of Canada.


For more information about doing business in Canada please go to section:

"Establishing Business in Canada".
Canadian Embassy in Sweden
Swedish Embassy in Canada
Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade

Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade

Government of Ontario.

Ontario Ministry of Enterprise, Opportunity & Innovation

Canada-Ontario Business Centre

Statistics Canada

Provincial Direct Territorial Governments. Vast resource guide for travel and facts about

Provinces and Territories in Canada
Government Information Centre. This site provides answers to questions about government programs and services.
Statistics Canada. Information on population, education, income, work, families and households. Statistics Canada also provides tabular data on Canadian economy and population.
Trade data from Statistics Canada:
Trade Data Online:
Ontario Exports Inc. is helping Ontario companies exporting their goods and services worldwide. See "Debbies Helpful Export Hints" in this panel under " Business articles".
Export and Import Controls Bureau informs on goods controlled for export from Canada or import into Canada under the Import Permit Act.
On-line interactive Export Planner, developed by Team Canada Inc., which can help you to find information for export business. Provides information and services about export financing, export regulations and international markets.
Canadian Automated Export Declaration (CAED) is a program you can use to report your exports electronically.
Canada's business and consumer site. Hints of companies importing goods into Canada by product and by city. Provides monthly and quarterly reports on Canada's national and regional economic conditions, as well as reports on economic research.
Canada's innovation challenges.

Canada/Ontario Business Service Centre. Providing accurate and timely information on programs, services and regulations to Ontario businesses in collaboration with federal, provincial and non-governmental institutions.
On-line Interactive Business Planner. Create a business plan on-line. Canadian Technology Network (CTN). A wide range of technology and related businesses assistance through advisors.
The Canadian Intellectual Property Office. Provides guidance and information about intellectual property, patents, patents database, copyrights, Trade-Marks, Trade-Marks database, industrial designs.
Aboriginal Business Service Network (ABSN). Business information and counseling service for Aboriginal business across Ontario.
Toronto Public Library offers a Small Business Series, with topics like: Marketing a Small Business, Legal Tips and Hints for Small Business, Small Business Tax Issues, Start and Run an Import/Export Business.
Premier Internet Business Site
Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)



The International Trademark Association (INTA) is a not-for-profit membership association dedicated to the support and advancement of trademarks and related intellectual property as elements of fair and effective national and international commerce.

Canada's Economic Policies

Stock Exchanges

Banks and Financial Institutions



Get the latest update on facts and information about Ontario . Some of the informative topics:

  • Ontario Facts
  • Community Profile
  • Ontario Industries
  • Resources
  • Ontario Suppliers
  • Available Commercial Real Estate
  • Look who is investing in Ontario


Many European companies wish to do business in Canada, and many prefer to do business in North America (including the United States and Mexico) through a base in Canada. However, because legal structures for businesses in Europe, particularly continental Europe, are different from those in Canada. European business people frequently have many questions about the Canadian legal system, and the alternative structures that may be available to them in establishing a business in Canada.

The lawfirm, Dale & Lessman LLP, has sent The Swedish-Canadian Chamber of Commerce an outline of the most common structures utilized by European companies doing business in Canada, and some of the decisions which have to be made before starting a business in Canada.

Please contact the SCCC office and we will send you a free copy.

For more information please visit:

Visit the useful web page below mentioned which gives you an array of brochures covering most corporate legal matters:



Doing Business with Canada provides business people from around the world like you with essential information and services on how to do business in Canada. Learn Why and Learn How many foreign companies are turning to Canada to pursue exciting business opportunities

This website also helps you to find products, services and technology in Canada.

Business Start-Up Assistant
Your information Site for Starting a Business in Canada

Canada's department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade

Premier resource guide for existing businesses and start-up business.

Comprehensive foreign direct investment information, contacts and links to assist multinational companies in assessing Canadian locations for capital investment projects.

SourceCan is a secure web-based e-marketplace which electronically matches Canadian companies and their products and services with business opportunities posted by domestic and foreign corporations and governments.

International Business Opportunities Center offers a matching service, connecting buyers with Canadian companies, particularly smaller and medium-sized enterprises.

Canadian Trade Commissioner Service assistance

Export and Import Control Bureau informs on goods controlled for export from Canada or import into Canada under the Import Permit Act.

Import of goods into Canada by product and by city. Provides monthly and quarterly reports on Canada's national and regional economic conditions as well as reports on economic research.

Canada Customs & Revenue site. Taxation, customs and benefits.

Human Resource Development Canada. Your guide to the Labor Laws and Regulations. Employment Insurance and Pension Benefits.

Sourcing Canadian products and services for international buyers.

Canada's innovation challenges

Guide to information and tools on federal incorporation

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise (SME) Information Centre is a service agency that can assist people who are thinking of starting importing, exporting or starting up a small business.

Canadian Automated Export Declaration CAED is a program you can use to report your exports electronically. The program is available on the Internet.

Contracts Canada is an inter-departmental initiative to improve supplier and buyer awareness and simplify access to federal government purchasing information. The site provides on-line government information about the purchasing process and how to find opportunities to sell to the federal government.

Cross currency table including SEK (Swedish kronor) and CAD (Canadian dollar)

This site offers tips and advice on getting government funding to launch or build your small business