Marianne – New President for EAC

Marianne – New President for EAC

Marianne Mannerheim new President of The Executive Advisory Committee

It is with great pleasure that we are announcing that Marianne Mannerheim is stepping in as The President of The Executive Advisory Committee, effective July 01, 2021. Marianne brings with her decades of international business experience, having worked in France, Sweden, the USA, and Canada, and we are fortunate to have Marianne take on the President position. The Executive Advisory Committee is growing and with Marianne at the helm and Lars Henriksson, Mark Henderson as the current Directors. We also welcome Lars Ruth, The former Chair of SCCC as the newest Director of EAC. Len Kleine is stepping down from being the President of EAC to take on the Chairman role again for The SCCC, effective June 17, 2021,  Len remains an honorary Director of EAC.

Marianne’s words

It was with great pleasure that I received a call from Lennart Kleine, President of The Executive Advisory Committee, EAC, around midsummer 2021 who offered me to take over the position of President for EAC – and of course I accepted!

My name is Marianne Mannerheim. I emigrated with my family to Canada from Sweden in 1983. I grew up in Sweden by Finnish and Dutch business parents, which most likely groomed me to become an enthusiastic entrepreneur. My upbringing gave me an interest in culture, languages and traditions. It allowed me to become very comfortable in the global business world.

I got my post-secondary degree in international business and language studies from a joint program at the Universities of Stockholm, Sweden and Lausanne, Switzerland.

My carrier started in Sweden in the HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems) field, before the move to Canada. The introduction of cabs in the Swedish logging machine industry opened the doors to this new upcoming industry. It was the start of our global successes as designers and manufacturers of climate systems for specialty vehicles globally. A perfect platform for international expansion. Manufacturing plants were established, not only in Sweden but also in Canada, France and the USA. I held the positions of President, CEO and eventually Chair of the corporation.

In order to finance the growth, the company listed first at the Alberta stock exchange and a couple of years later on the TSX in Toronto. 

The global team building was one of my favourite tasks. A strong, happy and enthusiastic workforce, on all levels of the organization is key to success. That is the foundation of a healthy and productive corporate culture.

I believe strength in leadership depends on strong emotional intelligence, positive spirit, honesty, integrity, equality and respect for others. 

I am honoured to have been given this opportunity to serve on the EAC board.