The video from the RW event

The video from the RW event

We want to thank all of you who supported and participated in the Raoul Wallenberg event and made it a great success!

We had 309 registrations and 285 attendees spread all over the world (even though the majority was represented by Toronto): Canada (Ontario, Quebec, BC, Manitoba, Alberta), Sweden, Hungary, France, Spain, New Zeeland, England, Portugal, USA (Illinois, Hawaii, California, North Carolina, Texas, Washington, New York), Austria, Germany, Norway, Israel, Japan.

The plans are to make the commemoration of Raoul Wallenberg on Jan 17  an annual event, and we already know there is a lot of interest out there and important stories to be told. If you have a story, would like to contribute somehow or have additional feedback that you want to submit, please reach out to us by this email

In case you missed out on our online event commemorating Raoul Wallenberg’s heroism in saving a large part of Budapest’s Jewish population and marking the end of Nazi rule in Hungary in 1945.

Below you can now watch the film presented in the webinar. Former SCCC Chairman George Preger produced the film. Mr. Preger is a child survivor of the Holocaust (in Hungary) who felt compelled to tell the story of Raoul Wallenberg after being asked to accept The Honorary Canadian citizenship on behalf of Sweden at the 1985 ceremony.

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wv83tnlSf-s&feature=youtu.be”]


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