Member story- ACCENTA is adapting to the new reality

When the COVID-19 outbreak began we knew we had to act fast if we were going to help all of the businesses that we have built ties with over the past three decades stay in business. Rather than wait around for a solution, our executive staff came up with a plan to use our manufacturing experience to create a company that could help Canadians stay safe during the uncertain times ahead. At first, we began developing disposable masks to help stop the spread of COVID-19. As time progressed local businesses started reaching out to us asking for other items like face shield masks and wall dividers. We were happy to help essential North American businesses remain open when the lockdown first started. We wanted to make sure that we could make ourselves as useful as possible, so we started thinking about what we needed to do to get ahead of the curve and prepare for what our economy will need when it was time to re-open.  Once again our team was tasked with coming up with affordable solutions that would be safe for individuals, small businesses, and large corporations. Shortly thereafter, we prepared our assembly lines so that we could manufacture high-quality custom safety products that met or exceeded North American safety standards. Our focus was on making sure that the products could be made affordable so that we could provide as many safety products to as many people as possible while making sure our products were ensuring the safety of our partners and our nation. Finally, we added custom products and custom packages and created a website to make it easy for anybody to place an order and have their order custom made and shipped to them. We pride ourselves on creating high-quality safety products with no compromise on quality. Our team and production facility makes us confident that we can find a solution for all essential safety needs. Our local Mississauga facility produces world-class custom products including masks and more. Our global presence allows us to be able to source and produce many hard-to-find products. We don’t plan to stop there. Our plan is to help as many people as possible live safely through this pandemic. We want this to be over soon just like everyone else, but we need to remain precautious until we find a vaccine or the numbers reach a safe enough low. Therefore until then our focus is on helping our nation remain safe during the pandemic.