Open House, with Renteknik and Sheridan College, October 4th

Open House, with Renteknik and Sheridan College, October 4th


September 29, 2014 16:36 ET

Renteknik and Sheridan College Announce the Opening of Sheridan’s Integrated Energy Systems Laboratory (IESL) Open House October 4, 2014: Doors Open at 9am

BURLINGTON, ON–(Marketwired – September 29, 2014) – Sheridan’s Integrated Energy Systems Laboratory (IESL), Sheridan College’s most technologically advanced Energy Laboratory located at the Davis Campus in Brampton is opening its doors and its intellectual advances to other academic institutions and the rest of the Energy Management driven community. The Open House will be held on Saturday October 4, 2014 at from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm.

The Energy System Laboratory located at Sheridan College’s Davis Campus in Brampton is a “one of a kind” Lab. Not only is it now part of the College’s learning curriculum, it is also being integrated into applied research. “The overall concept of the Lab,” explains Renteknik’s COO Lars Sjoberg “is to integrate Renewable Energy Resources with a battery storage unit, a customized Energy Management System (EMS) and three (3) different Energy Loads within a ‘virtual micro-Grid’ including a Tim Horton’s Coffee Shop.” Sjoberg goes on to explain that the EMS uses a customized SCADA Energy Management Software to monitor and control the micro-Grid operation. This includes the Energy that is being produced by the Energy Resources and how the Energy is being distributed to the selected Loads.

Dr. Jonathan Kim, Principal Investigator at IESL and Sheridan Professor in the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, emphasizes the importance of the Lab’s unique ability to embrace both educational and real life experiences. For Sheridan, according to Kim, “this Lab provides a tremendous hands-on learning environment for students.” As well, “it also provides great opportunities for our applied research activities, collaborating with industries.”

The Project is being carried out in Phases. The First Phase which is now complete includes Solar Thermal and Solar Photovoltaic Panels. These Panels are currently installed on the Davis Campus C-wing building Roof. A centrally located System Operation Dashboard showing the energy production and related consumption within the “Virtual Grid” will be made available for public viewing in the near future with plans for integrating additional Energy Resources to include Wind, Micro Hydro and Fuel Cell technology.

Renteknik is looking forward to continuing to work with Sheridan College to create an environment that will enable students and researchers to create various theoretical simulations, conduct real time data analysis and evaluate effects of different energy management approaches related to distribution.

Sjoberg ends by saying, “We are looking at the big picture when it comes to the IESL. Not only will it provide education in the areas of Generation and Consumption, Electrical Quality and Green Resources, it will also help Sheridan develop energy saving strategies that can be implemented to support Sheridan’s Mission Zero Goal.” The Goal is targeting a 50% reduction of energy consumption in the existing College buildings from Sheridan’s 2010 baseline energy consumption by 2020.

For More Information:
The Event: http://greenenergydoorsopen.ca/locations/sheridan-college-davis-campus/
Renteknik Group: www.renteknikgroup.com

Renteknik Group is a North American engineering firm focusing on consulting, energy optimization, energy conservation, and alternative energy sources representing global state of the art technologies.

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