A Canadian – Swedish success story from Renteknik group

A Canadian – Swedish success story from Renteknik group

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Renteknik Group Inc.

Renteknik Group was founded in 2011 by Darren Cooper, Colette Cooper and Lars-Eric Sjoberg.  Renteknik which means “Clean Technology” in Swedish is a private company based in Burlington, Ontario Canada.  Renteknik’s management team has experience in a wide range of areas including engineering, design, consulting, project management, construction, distribution and manufacturing.  Darren, Colette and Lars-Eric have grown Renteknik and attained a prominent standing in the energy efficiency/management industry and continue to build a strong team of professionals that have both the knowledge and commitment to make Renteknik a success.

Renteknik Group Inc. is a provider of Engineering, Energy Efficiency and Environmental Solutions.  Renteknik uses Best Practices, providing energy engineering, building and system commissioning, energy auditing services, energy management and systems design and cost-effective energy performance analyzing to commercial and institutional as well as multi-residential customers throughout Ontario.

Target Markets include Hospitals, Arenas, Recreational Complexes, Retail Stores, Long Term Care Facilities, Multi-Residential Units, Offices and Process Cooling Facilities.

Renteknik has a minor focus on the integration of existing Renewable Technologies (Thermal Heating and Solar Air Conditioning) with conventional technologies in educational/research environments.

Renteknik is working with government entities, utilities, municipalities, industry and leading educational institutions.  These include the OPA, Toronto Hydro, Horizon Utilities, Burlington Hydro, Oakville Hydro, Sobeys, City of Burlington, City of Hamilton, CityHousing Hamilton, Sheridan College, Centennial College, Sick Kids Hospital, North York General and Hamilton Spectator.


Renteknik provides the following services:

  • Energy Efficiency Engineering
  • Commission of Systems and Buildings
  • Systems Development and Design
  • Energy Management, Quality and Metering
  • Energy Audits
  • R&D Support
  • Project Management


Renteknik’s E3 Supply and Product department is a Key Supplier of:

  • ClimaCheck – Performance Analyzing Tool for HVAC and Refrigeration Systems
  • Circutor – Energy Management Systems,
  • Kingspan Solar – Solar Thermal and Solar Wind products
  • Kamstrup – Sub-metering of Heating & Cooling

A Canadian Swedish Success Story

Lars, who has a Swedish background and has been active on the board of the Swedish Canadian Chamber of Commerce, was initially introduced to Klas Berglöf, the President and Founder of ClimaCheck Sweden AB, a Swedish company located in Nacka outside Stockholm, at the Swedish Trade Office in Toronto.

Through CanNord 2011 hosted by the Swedish Canadian Chamber of Commerce Darren, Colette and Lars were given the unique opportunity to meet with Klas on a more in depth basis to discuss business opportunities.

Renteknik’s experience developing markets for other energy related innovative technologies and their network of contacts in the HVAC and building industry provided the perfect opportunity to introduce ClimaCheck’s Energy Performance Analyzer into the Canadian Market.

Today Renteknik Group is the sole distributor of ClimaCheck in Canada and is also looking to expand into some states in the US in the near future.

The ClimaCheck Performance Analyzer, manufactured in Sweden, uses state-of-the-art methodology for “in field” energy performance analysis of all types and sizes of Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems to help reduce peak cooling loads, increase energy efficiency, reduce operating costs and benefit the environment.

The ClimaCheck solution analyzes collected data and can immediately give a complete picture to the engineer of how the System is working and what adjustments or upgrades can be done to increase energy efficiency.  As part of Renteknik’s Energy Efficiency Solution, ClimaCheck is rapidly becoming Canada’s leading tool for commission, re-commission, trouble shooting and maintenance of Refrigeration Systems, Air-Conditioners, Chillers, Air Handling Units and Heat Pumps.

Through optimization using the ClimaCheck tools and processes Renteknik has typically found 10 – 30% savings in the electricity usage for Refrigeration / Cooling Systems usually without any capital expenditures.

In 2011 ClimaCheck was awarded the World Wildlife Fund Climate Solver Award for the technologies contribution to Green House Gas (GHG) reduction globally.  Renteknik has installed over 30 permanent ClimaCheck Systems in hospitals, ice-rinks, municipal buildings, condo buildings, hotels, supermarkets, data centres, and recreational facilities and is proud of its achievements in both energy savings and positive environmental impact.  This is a great success story for the partnering of ClimaCheck in Sweden and Renteknik in Canada.

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