Member Profile: ITN takes your business personally.


ITN is an independent, Global Logistics Provider, a single source for all of your transportation and logistics requirements.

Mark Marot Vice President Laura Leger, Inside Sales Fredrik Backman Key Account Manager Sopnia Alves,Sales Executive

Mark Marot Vice President,Laura Leger Inside Sales Fredrik Backman Key Account Manager, Sonia Alves Sales Executive


We deliver fast, seamless solutions by building our business on five pillars – commitment, flexibility, trust, reliability, and passion, supported by our belief in taking your business personally. Tailoring solutions that meet your specific needs is what sets us apart, and it’s how we constantly exceed your expectations.

ITN Logistics Group is Canadian based – with worldwide connections. Each component of the Group has a focus on a logistics specialty. We provide our customers with integrated combinations of all elements of the international import & export logistics process. [Read more…]