New! Menu confirmed for The Ultimate Crayfish & BBQ Party

New! Menu confirmed for The Ultimate Crayfish & BBQ Party

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Welcome Snack.

  • We are starting with a “make your own” svenska mackor bricka- (sandwich tray), accompanied by a homemade  Västerbottenpaj, ( Västerbotten cheese-pie ).

Dinner Menu

  • Crayfish in dill-marinade  as well as  BBQ Chicken, Beef  Kebabs and Premium European Sausages.
  • Swedish Potato-salad, serve with fresh and crisp bread, butter, different cheeses, and garden green salad.
  • To drink at the kräftskiva, beer is most common. We also have “nubbe” ( schnapps ) wine and soft drinks. Something for everyone!
  • Till efterrätt, ( for dessert)  there is the traditional MarängSwiss (vanilla ice cream, 4 types of berries, meringues mixed with freshly whipped cream and finished with a chocolate drizzle)   Coffee and Tea.

Join the Swedish-Canadian Chamber of Commerce at our 2013 annual Crayfish Party (and barbecue!). The 2013 edition takes place at Whitby Marina, and if you find this page after that date, check the Events page for the current information.