Hammarby Sjöstad: A Low-Carbon community that inspires!

Hammarby Sjöstad: A Low-Carbon community that inspires!

Sweden: Low-Carbon Neighbourhood Design was the topic of the presentation made by Erik Freudenthal, Head of communications for Hammarby Sjöstad: Swedens Model low carbon community. April 16th OISE, U of T

Hosted by the Swedish Consulate, ERA Architects, Tower Renewal Office,City of Toronto, Neigbourhood Change Research Partnership, University of Toronto.


Hammarby Sjöstad – an eco-friendly part of town
Hammarby Sjöstad is an exciting new district in Stockholm where the City has imposed tough environmental requirements on buildings, technical installations and the traffic environment, from day one.

Stockholm Water Company, Fortum and the Stockholm Waste Management Administration have jointly developed a common eco-cycle model designed to ensure organic recycling throughout Hammarby Sjöstad – known as “The Hammarby Model”. This model is the thread that binds together the entire environmental programme and demonstrates how the various technical supply systems are integrated. (Picture by Erik Freudenthal and text from www.hammarbysjostad.se) related link click here


Paul M. Hess – Associated Professor at U of T, Graeme Stewart –  E.R.A    Architects and Erik Freudenthal – Head of Communications.






Presenter Erik Freudenthal, with Honorary Consul Lars Henriksson   and E.R.A Architects Graemer Stewart.









Christofer Fröjd, Business Sweden, Erik Freudenthal, Christina Keighren, Business Sweden and Honorary Consul Lars Henriksson