Statistics Canada: Canadian exports to Sweden, down in April.

Statistics Canada: Canadian exports to Sweden, down in April.

Canada’s April 2012 international merchandise trade. 

Canada posted a trade deficit of $367 million in April, down from the $152 million surplus recorded in March. This follows five consecutive monthly surpluses. Canadian merchandise exports declined by 1.2% in April, while imports increased slightly by 0.1%. Exports fell to $39.1 billion. The main contributors to the decrease were exports of industrial goods and materials, machinery and equipment, as well as metal ores, metals and alloys. This was partially offset by gains in chemicals, plastics and fertilizers. Imports meanwhile rose to $39.5 billion (their fifth consecutive monthly increase), gains being led by higher imports of automotive products, consumer goods, while imports of energy products and machinery and equipment declined.

Exports to our main trading partner, the United States, fell by 1.2% to $28.4 billion in April, the fourth consecutive monthly decrease. Imports from the United States meantime rose by 1.3% to $24.6 billion. As a result, Canada’s trade surplus with the United States decreased from $4.5 billion in March to $3.8 billion in April.

Exports to the rest of the world decreased by 1.2% to $10.7 billion, while imports declined by 1.9% to $14.9 billion. Canada’s trade deficit with the rest of the world (other than the United States) narrowed from $4.4 billion in March to $4.2 billion in April.

Regarding trade with Sweden, Canadian exports went from 56 million in March to 29 million in April 2012, while Canadian imports from Sweden went from 170 million to 177 million during the same period.

While these figures are not surprising, given the current economic slowdown and the uncertainties ahead, our April 2012 trade figures show substantial increases as compared to April 2011 (+7.1% for our exports and +5.7% for our imports) and this is encouraging.

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Source : Statistics Canada
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