Building Sustainability Sweden 2012

Building Sustainability Sweden 2012

Building Sustainability Sweden 2012

Plenary meetings – discussions – workshops – study visits – exhibition

Sweden Green Building Council and the City of Stockholm welcome You
Kistamässan, Stockholm, Sweden, October 18-19, 2012

Welcome to two fascinating conference days in Stockholm, recipient of the first-ever European Green Capital Award. The Building Sustainability Sweden 2012 conference will focus on defining where we stand today – in Sweden and around the world – by benchmarking ideas and projects in plenary sessions and workshops, as well as proposing what the future might hold for the green building industry.

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Swedish and international experts will supply up-to-date knowledge on new materials, technology and energy-efficient solutions. You will hear the latest findings in research, current projects and accumulated experiences. Renowned projects such as The Royal Seaport, Stockholm, Waterfront Toronto and Future Concept Renewable, Wilhelmsburg, Hamburg, together with evaluations of several other successful examples, will be presented at the conference.

The foundation for new ideas and concrete solutions will be laid in a series of interactive workshops. In addition, the conference will feature visits to exciting project sites, discussions, an award ceremony recognizing the achievements of the green building industry, an exhibition and an engaging evening program and – most importantly – the opportunity to make interesting new contacts and share experiences.

For full information follow this link http://www.buildingsustainabilitysweden.se/ or go to http://sgbc.se/evenemang/340-building-sustainability-sweden-2012