Innovative Sweden, January 23 – February 10, 2012

Innovative Sweden, January 23 – February 10, 2012

Innovative Sweden

January 23 – February 10, 2012
MaRS Discovery District

Sweden and Canada have much in common—both countries have relatively small populations, advanced economies and an expanding relationship in technology innovation. Throughout its three-week run, this event will highlight groundbreaking products from promising Swedish startups in the fields of IT and Communications, Clean Technology, Gaming and Life Science, including:

  • Robots for elderly care service
  • Computers controlled by eye movement
  • Adhesive strips that loosen when you shine light on them

The event also features an extensive program of seminars, discussion panels, keynotes and business exchanges—the ideal forum for entrepreneurs, business advisors, students, researchers and innovation experts to connect, learn and share knowledge.



Innovative Sweden at MaRS is supported by ABB, AstraZeneca, Ericsson and Getinge, in co-operation with MaRS and the Embassy of Sweden.

Participating Innovations


Eye-Controlled Computers – Tobii Technology, www.tobii.com

Automated Visual Analysis – Oculusai, www.oculusai.com

Interactive Glasses – Penny, www.penny.se

Text Analysis – Saplo, www.saplo.com

Secure Mobile Payment – Accumulate, www.accumulategroup.com

Multi-touch Screen – Flatfrog, www.flatfrog.com

A Three-In-One 3D Product – Rolling Optics, www.rollingoptics.se

See in the dark – Nocturnal Vision, www.nocturnalvision.se

Life Science:

The Giraff Home Visitor – Giraff, www.giraff.org

Analytical Tool for Alzheimer’s – Biochromix, www.biochromix.com

Strong Adhesion for Fragile Surfaces – Lumina Adhesives www.luminaadhesives.com

New Anti-Seeding Technology – Neodynamics, www.neo-dynamics.se


Step in a Larger World – Division by Zero, www.jdome.com

Learning through Gaming – AlgoryxSimulation, www.algoryx.se

Involving Everyone in Changes – Ozma speldesign, www.ozma.se

Green Cell Phone Charger – My FC, www.myfuelcell.se


The New Generation Marine Paint – I-Tech, www.i-tech.se

A Sustainable Barrier for Food Packaging – Xylophane, www.xylophane.com

Making Fibers Smarter – OrganoClick, www.organoclick.com

Solar Safe Water Systems – Solvatten, www.solvatten.se