Swedish Companies and employees in the US

Swedish Companies and employees in the US


Please find attached above a link to a legal column written by Steve Suneson, ESq. Partner of Kavinoky Cook LLP and published in Affärsvärlden. The topic is the at-will employment doctrine in US law and related considerations for Swedish companies who have, or may be considering hiring, employees in the US, issues I confront when representing Swedish companies in the US.

Excerpt from the article, translated into English:

“One of the major differences between US and Swedish law is the at-will employment doctrine in the US. This area of law is often not sufficiently considered by Swedish companies when hiring employees in the US, perhaps because they are accustomed to the employee protections under Swedish law. The failure however to fully understand this doctrine may result in unnecessary expense if the Swedish company later wants to terminate a US employe”.

Please contact the SCCC or Steve Suneson for the English version of the article.

Please do not hesitate to contact me in English or in Swedish with any questions about the article or any other related US questions.

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