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Getinge Canada Limited Named one of the 50 Best Small & Medium Employers in Canada

Doug Friesen, President, Getinge Canada

Doug Friesen, President, Getinge Canada

Getinge Canada Limited and the employees are recognized by Queen’s Centre for Business Venturing, the Queen’s University School of Business and Aon Hewitt as one of the 50 Best Employers in the Greater Toronto Area and one of the 50 Best Small and Medium Employers in Canada.

Getinge Canada Limited is honoured to have been named one of the Best Employers in the Greater Toronto Area and Top 50 Best Small & Medium Employers in Canada for 2011. Getinge states that this distinction is due to the company’s outstanding employees whose humanitarian spirit has contributed to the success and growth of the company.

Best Sm Med Employers

As an organization, Getinge Canada is committed to be a role model for disaster relief and support around the world. Just this past year, Getinge donated a sterilizer and other medical supplies to St. Joseph’s Health System International Outreach Program (Hamilton, ON) for use in Haiti. In addition to medical device support, Getinge’s own technicians volunteered to carry out the installation and provide ongoing training to Haitian service technicians.

A member of the Getinge Group, a Swedish multinational, Getinge Canada Limited is also proud to be a world leader in the field of infection control – one of the foremost providers of disinfectors and sterilizers in the healthcare and life sciences sectors. Innovation and technological progress have been the hallmarks of our work for over 100 years.

http://www.getinge.com Our work inspires our employees, supports our customers and impacts our Health Care System and the Life Science Industry in Canada


Altitextil Canada Inc.


Altitextil Canada Inc.

Owner: Christian Altinius

Silver Member since October 2010

Altitextil Canada is specialised in men’s shirts, ties as well as other kind of accessories a man needs – like pocket handkerchiefs, cufflinks and more.

We represent the following Swedish brands in Canada:

Shirts from Oscar of Sweden:

Ties and accessories from Amanda Christensen

New Member: Sharon Montgomery, Royal LePage



Silver Member since October 2010

After fifteen years in the Airline Industry, I emigrated from Scotland, it has been a very successful move and I have experienced firsthand all the trials and tribulations of moving to a new country!

What I can offer is my insight into the many challenges you will face when you make a major move to a new Province or country, including relocation services.


Pia & Mikhail Story, Royal LePage


Royal LePage Real Estate Services

Silver Member since October 2010

Pia Story, Mikhail Story

Members of:
Toronto Real Estate Board
Mississauga Real Estate Board
Brulington/Milton/Hamilton Real Estate Board

The Story Team of Real Estate is a detail oriented, full service real estate sales and marketing group dedicated to and exceeding the high expectations of our client base. Our clients appreciate cutting edge, customer tailored real estate marketing and sales techniques. We have all the tools and support necessary to execute this unique approach, delivering industry leading results.

We can also help you with:
Home Staging ,Renovation ,Contractors ,Painters ,Home Inspectors

www.mpstory.com www.storybookdg.com

John Holland, Plutus Consulting Group



Silver Member since October 2010

Plutus Consulting Group is a team of highly professional senior business professionals who provide a unique range of management consulting services to enable CEOs and Presidents to meet the challenges of a volatile economic climate in business today.

We have expertise in the following core functions:
Business & Strategic Planning
Organizational Design
Financial Planning

Human Resource Optimization
Franchise Development

Getinge Canada Limited


Gold Member since October 2010
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • Pharmaceutical and medical Device Production
  • Research Equipment
  • Consumables

At Getinge Canada Limited, we are honored to have been named one of the Top 50 Best Small & Medium Employers in Canada for 2010 and 2011. We owe this distinction to our outstanding employees, their humanitarian spirit, and their engagement in the success and growth of our company.

Our work inspires our employees, enhances our customers and impacts the Canadian Health Care System.

A member of the Getinge Group, a Swedish multinational, we are also proud to be a world leader in the field of infection control – one of the foremost providers of disinfectors and sterilizers in the healthcare and life sciences sectors.

Innovation and technological progress have been the hallmarks of our work for over 100 years. Through our operations and our health technologies, we consistently strive to ensure that we protect the environment, conserve natural resources and contribute to a sustainable society. One of our products, the Getinge 88 Turbo washer/disinfector substantially reduced water consumption by approximately 7.7 million litres annually, and electricity consumption by 9.5 kW per cycle at the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre.

As an organization, we are equally committed to be a role model for disaster relief and support around the world. With this in mind, we donated a sterilizer and other medical supplies to St. Joseph’s Health System International Outreach Program (Hamilton, ON) for use in Haiti. And one of our own technicians volunteered to carry out the installation and train local people. Talk about outstanding!

For more information about Getinge Canada Limited, please visit our website


Made in Canada – SKF circulating oil system


SKF Circulating Oil Lubrication Systems for Fans and Industrial Applications

SKF Lubrication Solutions announces the launch of a Made In Canada circulating oil system to meet the needs of customers requiring the use of oil lubrication for high speed or high temperature applications.

The SKF circulating oil lubrication unit is ideal for rolling bearings on industrial fans where high speeds and/or high temperatures can preclude the use of grease. These units deliver a continuous flow of cooled and filtered oil directly to the bearing. The metered pump flow is matched to the bearing and housing size, preventing oil leaks and excessive heat associated with oversized pumping systems. The use of circulating oil lubrication may also reduce bearing vibration associated with the use of grease lubricant at higher speeds.

The Canadian made circulating oil lubrication units are available in two standard tank sizes (other sizes are available); 75 litre (16.5 gallon), and 130 litre (28.6 gallon).

Circulating oil lubrication systems are used in applications where lubrication points must be cooled and cleaned by oil in addition to providing lubricity. Used extensively in general and heavy industries, typical applications may include; steel rolling mills, conveyors, paper machine dry end bearings, industrial fans and gear boxes.

The lubrication system must be able to deliver the right amount of highly conditioned, with appropriate temperature, oil to each lubrication point. The oil then flows back into the lubricant reservoir for reconditioning and reuse after passing through the lubrication points.

The respective system is selected on the basis of:

  • the operating conditions (variations in the operating temperature and thus also in the viscosity as well)
  • the accuracy requirements for lubricant quantities
  • the monitoring requirements

Thousands of lubrication points. One source of lubrication expertise.

SKF lubrication expertise involves the science of tribology, the study of friction, wear, fatigue and lubrication. Studies carried out by the SKF Engineering and Research Centre have shown that 36% of premature bearing failures are caused by lubrication problems – too much, too little, the wrong type, or contaminated lubricant.

Preventing such lubrication-related failures, as well as ensuring optimal bearing and machine performance, means delivering the right lubricant, in the right amount, with the right lubrication system, at the right lubrication point. Wherever your equipment or machine runs!

Today, SKF delivers a complete line of lubrication solutions to do exactly that. From manual grease guns, to single or multi-point automatic delivery systems, SKF provides the widest range of lubrication solutions. The extensive line of SKF lubricants includes a range of greases and oils, and reflects decades of research and development across many industries.

To learn more about SKF Lubrication Solutions, please visit www.skf.ca or for immediate information; please contact SKF Lubrication Solutions at 1-800-207-5823 or by e-mail: lubrication@skf.ca

In addition to the SKF Lubrication Solutions Mississauga facility, SKF Canada has sales, engineering and service operations in Montreal, Scarborough, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver.


Alfa Laval receives order for their biggest heat exchanger ever


An Indian refinery has recently put an order for the largest Alfa Laval heat exchanger so far. The order is worth about SEK 95 mil. The heat exchanger will be used in a catalytic reforming unit for the production of gasoline in the refinery. Alfa Laval is world leading in heat transfer as well as in centrifugal separation and fluid handling.


Member: pixcode

Silver Member since June 2010

At pixcode we are the web experts.

We develop and manage high-traffic niche Internet properties like naturalhealthcare.ca, CanadaEventsCalendar.ca, and our workplace wellness spin-offs Wellergize and EmployeeWellness.ca.  In other words, we create ways for businesses to reach their target markets online through our portals.

For the workplace wellness services, we have developed a consortium of experts who provide services from Health Risk Assessments, to Organizational Behaviour consulting and function as the administrative and marketing end of things.

We also take on a limited number of select web development clients each year, using the skills we fine-tune on our own properties and provide the following services:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Website Reboot
  • Web Marketing Strategy Consulting

When it comes to the web, we understand: You’re busy and you just want the technology to work. And having the right tools makes it all run smoother.

How do we know this? Well, for a project like naturalhealthcare.ca (Canada’s largest online resource for complementary and alternative health care), we create and manage original content, news postings, directory listings, events listing, social media, and more – and because we have the correct tools in place, we can do it all in just a couple of hours a day.

Managing Director Gisela McKay says, “We prefer to work with people who have already gone through the process of building a version of their website, and are either unsatisfied with it, or want to revamp it. They’ve already got their basic content together, and have a general sense of what is and isn’t working for them in terms of work flow, managing content, driving traffic, and converting sales. Sometimes, they’ve been sweet-talked into something that didn’t work, and now they are ready for the truth told in plain English.”

We listen to what you want to accomplish, factor in who will be managing your site (is it a team of people or really just one person?) and then we recommend the tools that best match what you’ve described.

We choose well supported platforms with large developer pools that enable your team to create and manage your content on a day-to-day basis. As we don’t have a vested interest in promoting a specific platform, you have final say over what tools we use to develop your site. “Basically, we like to build ourselves out of a job,” says Gisela.

“We’ve heard enough nightmares from clients who have found themselves with a website situation where the original developers undervalued their initial work in the hopes of creating themselves a ‘Webmaster for Life’ gatekeeper position and now they’ve either gone out of business or are holding the website hostage (e.g. the domain name, the graphic files, webhosting contract). We’d rather charge a fair rate up front and just avoid all the game-playing down the road.”

See the Member-to-member Discounts page to find out what discounts we are offering other SCCC members.

SCCC Welcomes New Chairman Erik Thorsrud


The Swedish-Canadian Chamber of Commerce


New Chairman

Erik Thorsrud

SCCC is happy to present Mr. Erik Thorsrud as our new Chairman starting June 1, 2010.

Erik is currently CEO for Atlas Copco Construction Equipment Canada located in Mississauga Ontario. Erik has been with Atlas Copco AB since 1989, holding various key positions for the company throughout his career.

He is a trained Mechanical Engineer receiving has Degree from Michigan State University. Erik has traveled extensively throughout North American, South American and Asia corresponding and interacting with key industrial companies, ensuring business growth for AC.

Erik came to Canada, from the US, in 2003 and has lived in downtown Toronto and Mississauga since then. Erik joined the SCCI in 2005 and has been a participating member of the board to the present.

We believe Erik will bring a unique prospective to SCCI and will ensure the Chamber continues it’s long standing traditions of interaction in the Canadian business community.

Please join us in wishing Erik great success.

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